Interview with WoW Insider

My Biscuits Are Burning

I’ve talked to a lot of podcasters over the years about World of Warcraft, the craft of podcasting, and more. But today saw the release of an interview done by WoW Insider, and it was all pretty humbling. At first I was flattered, and who wouldn’t be? It was only in November that I met Lisa Poisso as she covered some big activities at Blizzcon — the Convert to Raid party being one of them.

When I got the questions, I dug right in. I tried not to answer stuff directly about me except for the straight forward stuff. In this business, you have to promote your projects to anyone that will listen, so I need to make sure to do that. But at the same time, this community of players and the network of podcasters is only successful because of everyone that participates!


Lisa wrote, “we don’t suspect the Convert to Raid success story has anything to do with luck. We suspect it has everything to do with Pat Krane.” This is something that I’m uncomfortable with, and trying to overcome. I know that I’ve played my part in the success of the communities I champion: I’m a cheerleader and a pretty good delegator, and I have a pretty solid vision and some foresight when it comes to this stuff. But saying that it has everything to do with me is a bit over the top — because if it weren’t for those first few people that listened and told their friends about us… if it hadn’t been for my first podcasting partners in crime… if it hadn’t been for my podcasting friends that were willing to hang out with my network…

…I’d be just talking to myself like a crazy person.


Hopefully I come off as being grateful to everyone and not a complete self-centered moron. Whenever anyone talks about themselves, that’s the tendency. And if it wasn’t said loud and clear enough in the article — thank YOU for making a positive impact in my life.

Now here’s the beef I have with Lisa Poisso and WoW Insider: THEY DIDN’T POST ALL MY PICS! I gave Lisa a ton, and only one of my in game pics made it into the article. So… that’s why all these weird screen shots are here. And on Twitter. And no, I’m not really mad about it. 😛


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