Other Shows

I participate in a lot of different shows. Here are some of them!

Convert to Raid – The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft

Welcome home, raiders! CtR is the podcast devoted to the end game in the World of Warcraft. Listen in on the latest news and views on raiding, insights from our players… and a bunch of really bad jokes.


That TV Show – The Podcast for TV Geeks Everywhere!

TV geeks unite! Pat and Jules will give you the latest news from Hollyweird’s TV scene, talk about the hottest shows, review the latest technology for cord cutters, and even watch some awesome television series from the very first episode.


Legendary – The World of Warcraft Show

Join the Legendary crew for the latest news and views all over Azeroth!


Gamebreaker – The Show:

The Gamebreaker crew takes a look at the hotest stories on Gamebreaker.tv!

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